Anya was born on July 17, 2002 in the gorgeous city of St Petersburg, Russia. When she was 5 years old her parents got divorce and she moved to the United States with her mom and baby sister. Back then Anya didn’t know any  English, but she was learning very quickly and adopting  to the new environment in Los Angeles. She’s been spending her days between school and gym where she was making a great progress in rhythmic gymnastics, while her music teacher at school kept telling Anya’s mom that her daughter is really musically gifted..

When Anya’s 10th birthday was coming up she’s got a surprise gift – to record a song. Shortly after a team of close friends gathered to produce the music video for ” Who I wanna be.” Now Anya is on her exciting journey of working on her first album. Spending lots of time  in the dance studio and with her  vocal teachers Her star is rising!


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